LW Translation based in China is expert in Chinese translation from and to over 10 languages, such as English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Arabic, Burmese, Persian, etc


LW Translation provides you with quality interpretation services in a wide range of technical, legal and commercial fields. All of our interpreters are professional, experienced, cooperative, accredited and knowledgeable.


LW Translation provides you with professional voiceover services tailored to fit clients’ needs. Our voice gallery is full of professional native speakers, with experience in performing across all media types.


LW Translation has developed a specialized multimedia division dedicated to handling all types of multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing/lip syncing, voiceover and audio-and-video mixing.

Language Pairs
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  • 12.Chinese <-> Tibetan
  • 13.Chinese <-> Arabic
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  • 10. Machinery, Automobile
  • 11. Transportation
  • 12. Chemical Industry
  • 13. Geology
  • 14. Construction, Civil Engineering
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Chinese Translation Service

Over the past years, Chengdu LW Translation has specialized in many different types of document translation (legal, medical, financial, technical and others), website localization (website translation), software localization (software translation), multimedia translation(including audio and video translation), and interpretation services. We can also provide Chinese certified translation such as official translation, legal translation, notarization translation, court translation with Chinese translators and Chinese interpreters certified by the local government entities.

Chinese Translation Team

LW Translation has built a competitive Chinese translation team with 30 in-house professional translators, 2 webpage designers, 4 account managers, 6 project managers and over 200 freelancers, and invited a number of language professionals and experts with solid professional background to provide language instruction and professional knowledge instruction. All of the Chinese translators have obtained language certificates and translation certificates, certified, accredited, and experienced with more than 100,000 Chinese words translation. Moreover, they have passed the translation test held by our company before they joined LW Translation.

Chinese Interpretation Service

LW Translation provides you with quality Chinese interpretation services in a wide range of technical, legal and commercial fields. All of our interpreters are certified, professional, experienced, cooperative, accredited, and knowledgeable.
We are able to provide Mandarin Chinese interpretation services in Chengdu, China. Our certified Mandarin Chinese interpreters are well experienced in all modes of interpretation including but not limited to escort interpretation, whispered interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation.

Chinese Voiceover Service

Visual information is becoming more and more important to clients worldwide. Choosing right voices to convey a message is important for E-learning, training, demonstration, medical, corporate productions, and internet audio/video so if you wish to reach out to a wider audience.
LW Translation provides Chinese voiceover and dubbing services with native talents from China. We have not only Chinese Mandarin voiceover talents but also Cantonese voice over talents.
If you need Chinese voiceover or dubbing services, please contact us.

Chinese Translators
  • » Ms. Tang Rong, certified Chinese-English translator with 10+ years translation experience.
  • » Ms. Hu Liuyang,certified Chinese-English translator with 5+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. Du Zhongjun, Chinese-English translator with English and computer education background, 20+ years translation experience.
  • » MS. Zhu ana, certified Chinese-Russian translator, 20+ years translation experience.
  • » MS. Li Ming, certified Chinese-Russian translator, 10+ years translation experience.
  • » MS. Li Xiaofeng, Chinese-Japanese translator with 20+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. Dong Xiaonan, Chinese-German translator with 7+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. Xu Zuowei, Chinese-Portuguese translator with 8+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. Cao Hongming, Chinese-Spanish translator with 12+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. Pang Bo, Chinese-Arabic translator with 8+ years translation experience.
  • » MS. Wu Cong, Chinese-French translator with 7+ years translation experience, Graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University.
  • » Mr. Du Yong, Chinese-Korean translator with 10+ years translation experience.
  • » Ms. Xiao Yin, Chinese-Italian translator with 5+ years translation experience.
  • » Ms. Wei Ying, Chinese-Vietnamese translator with 10+ years translation experience.
  • » Mr. GongBao Dangzhou, Chinese-Tibetan translator with 6+ years translation experience.
Chinese & Other Language Voiceover Talents
  • » Mr. Chang Jin, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Yin Junyi, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Zhang Yan, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Gu Huiyin, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Xing Chen, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Jiang Chunhui, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Zhao Tao, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Wang Rui, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Wei Xueya, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Yang Zhong, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Belmeier Raymond, native Indonesian voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Zhang Yunzhu, native Korean voiveover artist
  • » Ms. Xia Wei, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Wei Ge, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Xing Chen, Chinese voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Eduardo Ruales, native Spanish voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Gerardo Prat, native Spanish voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Henry Choi, native Korean voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Giancarlo Pino, native Italian voiveover artist
  • » Mr. Paulo Eduardo, native Portuguese voiveover artist
Typical Clients
  • » China Aviation Gas Turbine Co., Ltd
  • » InterTech Development Company
  • » TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC
  • » Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • » Chengdu Notary Public Office
  • » Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consults
  • » KHS GmbH
  • » Click Netherfield Ltd.
  • » Lufthansa Technik Intercoat GmbH
  • » Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • » Samsung Electronics
  • » China Railway Engineering Corporation
  • » The ABB Group
  • » Hoh Law Corporation, Singapore
  • » Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • » China National Petroleum Corporation
  • » Hongkong Stem Cell Centre
  • » Sichuan provincial government department
  • » China State Construction Engineering Cor
  • » China Construction Bank
  • » China Petrochemical Corporation
  • » Sichuan University
Recent Projects
  • » English-Chinese translation of "Machine Manual" and "HMI System Manual" for InterTech Development Company (126016 Chinese words)
  • » Russian-Chinese translation on geology monographs for Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu branch(30 thousand Chinese words)
  • » English-Chinese interpretation on business negotiation in Chengdu and Xi'an for ClickNetherfield Ltd, UK
  • » German-Chinese and Japanese-Chinese Translation of fire protection documents for Sichuan Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, China(120 thousand Chinese words).
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 2 papers on chemistry for professor Zhang of Sichuan University (17.54 thousand Chinese words)
  • » Chinese-Russian Translation of load distribution specification of Turkmenistan project for Beijing Consen Automotion Control Co. Ltd. (9.755 thousand Chinese words)
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 1 paper on metallurgy for professor Cai of Sichuan Normal University (7.854 thousand Chinese words).
  • » English and Chinese voiceover project of elementary school textbooks for Noah Education Group Co., Ltd.
  • » German-Chinese interpretation on beer equipment installation in Chengdu for KHS GmbH, Germany
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